Consulting and support

QuanauP brings you support in the management of your Système de Management de la Qualité, de l’Environnement et/ou des Energies (SMQ / SMI). Nous vous accompagnons aussi dans vos analyses de risques, your crisis management, your failures analyses or in the outsourcing of your project management.

Conseil en management de la qualité, de l’environnement et des énergies

QuanauP vous conseille dans vos projets d’entreprise et vous accompagne dans votre management de la qualité, de l’environnement et des énergies.

Organize your business

QuanauP brings you support in all the stages of your projects:

  • certification
  • company reorganisation
  • structuring your organization

Management de la qualité, de l'environnement et des énergies

QuanauP assists you in setting up, la updating or simplifying your système de management de la qualité, de l’environnement et/ou des énergies (SMQ / SMI)

Support for quality analysis and project management

You have received a customer claim due to a defect? You want to reduce the defect rate of a product? You want to improve the performance of a workshop by reducing non-quality costs ?

Crisis management assistance

Bring a structured approach
Support for problems analysis, short- and long-term

Support for failure analysis

Preventive: animation des AMDEC / FMEA et analyses de risques
Curative: Failure analysis
Corrective: Knowledge management following failure analysis

Outsourcing of your project management

Do you have a process improvement project? Do you need to manage your quality, cost and deadline goals?

You can outsource the management of your project to us: we organize the follow-up of the project, we relieve you of the management activities and we make sure that your project is completed on time!

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